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About MUHS International Education Hub

The International Education Hub, established by MUHS, exclusively caters to the health science education & research needs of the students and faculties of affiliated academic institutions, and those of National and International Universities.


To Establish Educational, Research and Training Center of Excellence to provide professional distinction in Health science, through National and international collaborations, for the benefit of Humanity.


To Emerge as a globally Renowned International Hub for creating and disseminating knowledge & to provide national and international students and faculties, a unique, holistic learning experience involving various disciplines in health science for excellence in innovation, education & research, that will best serve Human kind, distinguished through collaboration, leadership and respect.


To enable all the stakeholders to achieve distinctive high quality Teaching, Training and Research experience and to develop expertise in the relevant fields of health sciences& to enable them to function independently at various institutes at local, regional, national and international level.


The International Education Hub will work in close collaboration with the University departments and colleges affiliated to the University with the following aims and objectives:-
  • MUHS will encourage direct contact and cooperation between faculty members, staff and students of the MUHS, affiliated colleges and recognised institutions of the MUHS with the other International and National Universities /Institutes .
  • To Exchange of invitations of lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia and other academic programmes;
  • To Exchange of faculty members and students for study and teaching and research;
  • To start joint research activities, publications, library and data exchange;
  • Any other specific academic activity related with study, teaching and research designed and mutually agreed between the parties.
  • To establish International Alumni Association of students and faculties who participate in various activities of International Education Hub of MUHS, Nashik, India.