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Previous decade, India has observed a paradigm shift in the form of increasing number of overseas students opting to study in India. India’s astounding diversity of religions, languages, cultures, climate and food is unique and unparalleled. The society of vast subcontinent, varied and complex in its rich heritage, is among the oldest in the world. This largest democracy has been vitalized through cross-cultural contact and characterized by unity in diversity of culture and race, caste, religion, and language. Today, India offers students from across the world the freedom to explore, experience and truly educate themselves about ‘LIFE’ itself. Moreover, India is highly attractive among foreign students for its forward thinking, diverse culture and widespread use of the English language. Some of the benefits of studying in India for foreign students include Quality Education, Low Cost, Financial Assistance, Unique Programs (besides conventional courses, a number of top colleges and universities in India provide some of the most unique study programs that include Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and Yoga), campus safety, enhanced research facilities, value based and skill based education. Thus it’s evident that India is bound to become a global education hub for quality education.

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, was established on 3rd June 1998 by the Government of Maharashtra by promulgating Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998, to ensure proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in Modern Medicine and Indian System of Medicine and to have planned growth and to improve the quality of Health Sciences education in the State of Maharashtra. Today, it is an affiliating University for 348 Health Science Institutions that enroll around 23677 Undergraduate, 6998 Postgraduate and more than1000 Fellowship students every year offering courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurved & Unani, homoeopathy, allied health sciences & nursing streams. Also MUHS recognized various training centers are imparting more than 100 Fellowship programs, which are available to the graduate & post graduate candidates. The University, with its student-centric and quality enhancement focus, aims to achieve excellence in research and education to create socially committed, high quality health professionals.