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Activities under the umbrella of International Education Hub

Student Exchange Programme

To increase the knowledge & skill as well as enhance the ability of the students to understand inter professional education & tolerance of the other culture. To broaden students’ horizon and international perspective in overseas countries by learning more about the prevailing social, economic and cultural landscape of other countries as well as learning specialized knowledge.

Faculty Exchange Programme

To expose the Faculty members to a culturally varied and diverse faculty make-up, with an opportunity to exchange ideas and observe a variety of styles to develop a vibrant and diverse faculty. To achieve a direct and positive impact on campus internalization through alterations in their teaching, research, and service.


To provide financial assistance to meritorious students from deserving low income families to meet a part of their expenses while pursuing higher studies.

Conferences / Workshops

For knowledge enhancements, skill development, competency building and value addition

Research Collaborations

To share technical experience of the research between universities in order to bring about positive change in the health system of both the countries. To compare, plan and implement health programs in the country at Local, State, National and International level. To improve the health of people through improvement of conventional health services and other services those have bearing on health.

Certificate, Fellowship, Diploma, Degree, Joint / Dual Degree Programme

Promote and enforce the benefits of the current changes in the knowledge triangle (innovation, research and higher education system as per availability of academic and infrastructural facilities in both institutes and subject to approval of appropriate authorities). To provide the academic facility to make the student to ready for the challenges by linking knowledge on systems and tools with a global comparative perspective.